This Months Meeting

August 4th 7.30-9.30 PM in the store

This is where the different branches of the coop come together to talk about issues that concern the coop as a whole, and to prepare proposals to vote on at the next General Meeting in October.

Review meeting structure by Governance committee
Intro of attendees
Committee reports
Agenda items

clean up, shopping, [possible board meeting]

About Our Meeting Structure

Bushwick Food Coop has one big meeting per month, running on a three-month cycle. It starts with two Committees Meetings, where anyone who is interested can come and discuss issues that concern the coop as a whole. The third month of the cycle is dedicated to a General Meeting, where we vote on proposals that come out of the Committees Meetings or that are made by individual members before the meeting. The General Meeting, therefore, is primarily a forum for decisions, not discussions. Discussions primarily take place at the Committees Meetings.

40 persons or 20% of the membership need to be present (in person or through online voting) for quorum, and for a decision to pass, it needs to get 80% of the votes. If no alternative gets 80% of the vote, a new vote will be taken at the meeting, including only those physically present.

Upcoming Meetings

Check CALENDAR for meeting dates.  Meetings are generally 7-9pm at the Loom home base.

Meeting Attendance

Members can attend the General Monthly Meetings and any Committee Meetings and receive credit for time spent toward the work requirement.  If attendance is not taken, please report work hours here.


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