Committee Work

Committee Work

4 hours of work every 4 weeks are required.  Hours can be filled by working shifts in the store and at outreach events, or by work in committees.

Please contact the committee you’d like to help with and to see what work is currently needed

BANKING HOURS: Old work hours count!  New work hours count! Any work you have done with the coop counts toward the work hour requirement.  If you work more than the required 4 hours in a 4 week period, those hours will be “banked” toward future work hour requirements.  Please use the work hours report form above to report your hours  that were not recorded by the store or meeting manager.

If you are a member of Park Slope Food Coop, you can get work credit for completing hours. Please see our PSFC Page for more information. 

Most currently available committee positions are listed on the Available Committee Work sheet.
Don’t see what you are looking for? Check out our Contact Page to contact our committee heads.



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