Get Involved!

Join the Bushwick Food Coop, attend meetings, or volunteer for the community.

CHECK FOR AVAILABLE COMMITTEE WORK HERE.  Each Committee has its own tab.

Please contact if you’re interested in distribution day shifts.


Pick up a leadership position!  Help grow yourself and the community.
  • Have a unique talent you want to contribute?  Or want responsibility of a smaller role?  There are many smaller and still crucial positions on committees that need filling.
  • All hours contributed to the Bushwick Food Coop count toward the 4 hr/4 wk work requirement.  Hours can be banked toward future time off.
  • We expect leaders to self motivate to prioritize, initiate, collaborate, communicate and mobilize toward their role’s goals.
  • To discuss leadership opportunities within the coop, please email the General Coordinator or call 650.575.5929 in the evenings.

Interested in being a Committee Co-Head?

Please review: Committee Co-Heads responsibilities.

Together committee co-heads are responsible for:
(1)     Term: 6 months;
(2)     Check BFC email (respond within 3 days, within 24hrs or sooner for time sensitive items);
(3)     Subscribe to google group (be part of conversations that require input from you/your committee; respond within 3 days, within 24hrs to time sensitive items);
(4)     Write monthly report for committees/general meeting;
(5)     Attend Committees Meeting (write report and send someone to represent committee in your absence);
(6)     Attend General Monthly Meeting (write report and send someone to represent committee in your absence);
(7)     Help lead one Orientation;
(8)     Hold monthly committee meetings (to brainstorm and organize for continuous operations and long term goals, create proposals to bring to Committees Meetings and to membership vote);
(9)     Create, develop short and long term goals and a strategy and schedule how to reach them, further committee operations infrastructure;
(10)   Meet with, empower, train new committee members;
(11)  Coordinate efforts of various committee members (toward continuous operations and long term goals);
(12)  Create work slots — Strategy: AS SOON AS YOU LEARN TO DO SOMETHING, TRAIN SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT. Minimize your continuous tasks as committee head.
(13)  Alert other committee heads and committee members well ahead of time of availability changes/absences/tasks or responsibilities you can not complete;
(14)  Identify replacement(s) as far ahead of time as you can;
(15)  Train replacement, at least last month

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