The Park Slope Food Coop (PSFC) allows their members to do work hours at other cooperatives, including the Bushwick Food Coop (BFC).

  • As a member of both Coops, you may work one BFC shift, and receive credit for BFC and a PSFC shift.
  • You must be a member of each coop in order to shop at member prices.  You do not have to be a member of the Bushwick Food Coop in order to work hours here.  However, you must join as a member to shop at member prices.
  • The hours transfer only works one way, you cannot work hours at PFSC for credit at Bushwick.
  • For PSFC members: you must be current on your membership at Park Slope, and you must request to be on FTOP status, in order to work all of your shifts at BFC. (The Bushwick Food Coop has no influence over internal Park Slope Food Coop matters, so any questions regarding this item must be directed to Park Slope.)
  • Because the PSFC shifts are 2.75 hours every 4 weeks, and BFC shifts are 4 hours every 4 weeks, you must keep track of the hours and days worked, and report PSFC hours in full shifts.
  • Hours are reported approximately twice per month.

To report your hours, please use this form.

For questions that are not addressed here, you may e-mail and


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