Work Requirement


Member Work Requirement

The Coop work requirement is 4 hrs every month.

Every member is required to sign up for work.  Hours put in beyond the minimum requirement are very much appreciated at this crucial stage of growth, and they can be banked toward future work requirements!

Find out about policies regarding work shift cancellation, banking hours, suspension, putting your membership on hold, and more, by reading the MEMBERSHIP POLICIES.

Why work? 

We are a member owned and run food coop.  We believe that members who work together, stay together.  This is what creates community, and more practically, brings our prices down so that healthy, sustainable food options are affordable to the neighborhood.

Work your hours.

1)  Regular store shifts are available Wednesday through Sunday.  Email Distribution@BushwickFoodCoop.Org to sign up.
2)  Committee work.  You can work with a committee in a variety of ways; from Outreach tabling shifts to data entry from home, from researching grants or where our food comes from to designing Coop ‘branding’, there is plenty to be done that suits every interest and ability. View the Contact page on the website, and email or call the Committee you are interested in.

3) Keep in the know:

  • Meeting attendance.  BFC holds General Monthly Meetings, and monthly Committees Meetings the first and last Mondays of the month.  Meeting attendance counts toward work hours and is a great way to get involved.
  • We also recommend signing up for the Google Group to be involved in coop discussions, and to get notifications about meetings, work opportunities, and early special ordering notifications.

4)  Positions available.  Able to put in more hours on a regular basis?  Want to join the tight-knit circle of inner workings and help move the Coop toward resounding success?  Explore position options and get in contact with the coordinator or committee head.

Report your hours.

If your work hours are not being reported by someone else (e.g. by the store manager for store shifts, or by the meeting manager for meeting attendance), be sure to report hours worked by using the committee work report form, found in the MEMBER AREA of the website.


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