Mailing address:

Bushwick Food Coop
1087 Flushing Ave #107, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Store front address: 2 Porter Ave.

Store Phone Number: (347) 450-1087

General Manager 
Amanda Pitts  917-530-9852

Store Managers and In-Store Work Scheduler
Answers questions about in store shifts and our new Online Shift Scheduling Software.

Outreach Committee  —  POSITIONS OPEN
Responsible for Community Outreach, Events, Marketing, Blog, Tabling, and Flyering.

Sourcing Committee 
Chooses the food you see on the shelves.

Rachel Garcia-Grossman
Karim Tabbaa

Membership Committee  —  POSITIONS OPEN
For information on joining, your membership status, work sign up, membership hold options, etc direct your questions here.
Maggie Herskovits, Christina Robertson

Governance Committee — POSITIONS OPEN
Writes agenda, takes minutes, posts meeting announcements and meeting minutes to website.  Email agenda items.
Kira Josefsson

Finance/Business Committee —  POSITIONS OPEN
Treasurer: Gwen Schantz Committee Chairperson: Valerie

Communications —  POSITIONS OPEN
All external communications, including Newsletters, Social Media, Fliers, and more!
Kristin Caringer 

Facilities Committee —  POSITIONS OPEN
Design and construction of current store and future spaces once found.  Construction/acquisition/maintenance of current/new equipment and facilities.
Leighton Edmondson, Mark Gering

Technology Committee —  POSITIONS OPEN
Helps with all things technological.  Programming, POS/Hardware interfacing, MySQL Database, PHP programming, Hardware, and more
Philip Champon

General inquiries answered by founding member:
Gwen Schantz   (347) 450-1087

Credits: Logo and header by Mara Belzer using photos by Chris Morgan.



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