We are located in the Loom at:

2 Porter Ave or 1087 Flushing Ave #107, Bushwick, Brooklyn

Enter on Porter Ave by the north west corner of Flushing Ave or through the Loom main entrance on Flushing Ave.

Phone: (347) 450-1087
During open and receiving hours only.


Store Hours

The Food Coop Community Grocery Store is open:

  • Wednesdays  3-9pm
  • Thursdays  3-8pm
  • Saturdays  11am-4pm
  • Fridays 1-7pm
  • Sundays 3-8pm 

Receiving Hours:
– Wednesdays 9am-2pm
– Fridays 9am-1pm
– or by arrangement <email>
*The community supported fishery Mermaid’s Garden is hosted in the Coop space every Thursday 5:00 – 7:00pm.  Fish shares are available on a per-month subscription basis at:
Special orders and reservations
Members may place special orders for a la carte (standard 24% member markup) and bulk items (12% bulk markup), and may reserve items that we get in for general distribution to ensure that desired items are present at time of pickup.  Members are financially responsible for all items special ordered and reserved that were not picked up or sold.  Join the Google Group to receive early order open and reservation notifications and updates.

Store is open to non-members at a higher markup.

Our prices:

Members: 24% markup

Non-Members: 65% markup

Most grocery stores: 100% markup or more

The Bushwick Food Coop’s mission to make available healthy, sustainable food affordable to the neighborhood.

Our prices and hours can only get better!   The more members we have, the more people we have to work hours and buy food, the more we can be open and available to receiving from more vendors and distributors and the higher volume we can purchase — both of which contribute to lowering costs, and therefore prices.   Markups are fixed, except: swing by the last hour Thursdays and Sundays to get discounted prices on perishables!

The Grocery Store model of distribution was approved at the 9/24/12 Committees Meeting.

goodly produce

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