What is the Bushwick Food Coop?

The Bushwick Food Coop is a small, start-up cooperatively owned and run grocery store.  We transitioned from a buying club to a grocery store in August 2012 in our new store front space at the Loom.

Our intention as a food cooperative is to provide low-cost, organic and sustainability produced, local and fair-trade food to the Bushwick community.  With all Coop member-owners putting in a small amount of work every month, we are able to keep overhead costs down, and charge a small amount over wholesale costs (called a markup).  Our markup is a fraction of what you pay in a bodega or supermarket  —  24% as opposed to 60 – 100%.  Non-member markup is 60%.

When is the Bushwick Food Coop open?

The Coop is currently open Wednesday – Sunday, 2pm – 8pm

Do I need to be a member of Bushwick Food Coop to shop?

Anyone can shop at the Coop.  However, to get member prices and other membership privileges you need to be an active working member.


What does it mean to be a member?

As coop members we are each part owner of and workers in this community grocery store.   It is entirely volunteer run at the moment, except for the small stipends paid to full day and weekly managers.  That means if you see something that needs fixing, fix it!  Come to meetings, get involved, and collaborate with other members to create this small cooperative business.

Member privileges:  Members who are active and up to date with work hours and fee payments can shop at member prices, and vote on important organizational issues.   Members may also place special orders with the Sourcing committee and reserve items to pick up in the store.


What is the work requirement?

The work requirements is 4 hours every month.  These can be done by working shifts or in committee.  For more information, see [ WORK REQUIREMENT ].

When do I need to pay the membership fee by?

You must pay your membership fee in order to shop at member prices, special order or reserve items in the store, and to vote.  Fees can be paid in the store with cash or check after signing the agreement form.  Membership is a one-time $50 fee, that can be paid in $10 installments every 4 weeks.  Low income membership fee is $15, and can be paid in $5 installments every 4 weeks.

Can I use EBT?

We are currently in approval process to be set up to accept EBT.

Why don’t you have a lot of the things I like to buy?

In order to get the lowest possible prices, we are sourcing food through wholesale vendors. Unfortunately, this means we have order minimums to meet.  We are also currently pretty small and have limited space.  In efforts to keep all the food we sell fresh, we give priority to items with high turn over.

  • Members may special order a la carte (24% markup) and bulk (12% markup) items through the Sourcing committee.  Special order notices are sent once a week on Fridays; most orders due Saturday at noon.
  • Members may reserve items in the store.  The weekly perishables price lists is sent in the newsletter once a week, generally the Monday night before receiving.
  • The Sourcing Committee is always open to suggestions and works hard to research vendors and products to carry in the store.  Email Sourcing@BushwickFoodCoop.Org.

The Coop is always looking to expand membership and inventory.  The more members we have, the more we can afford a wider selection.

Where does the food come from?

Currently veggies, meats, eggs and dairy are from Lancaster PA and upstate NY, coffee and baked goods from Brooklyn, and our dry goods are from a small distributor in Ithaca NY. We try to source 1. certified organic (or pastured, hormone free, or organic practices), 2.locally, 3. direct from the farmers or the small processors – and ideally all three.  Specific questions about sourcing please contact sourcing@bushwickfoodcoop.org



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