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Committee Meeting | 6/02/14 | Summary


1. Low income membership policy discussion and formalizing the wording of the vote for July – Membership

Annual fee for the low income fee.

One week before, you will be able to vote online.

the vote will be a choice between $0 , $7.50, abstain

Membership agree to have an open membership meeting before the governance meeting (before the 15th)  where they will define what low income is.

2. a) how members can remove products from the store for reasons not currently covered in the guidelines

b) how members can make requests for items not currently meeting the guidelines that they would like carried.


- These are mostly items unrelated to price and sales. Ethics etc.

- These are are mostly about packaged food

Proposal 1:  start voting online for everything

Proposal 2: Data based decision making

Proposal 3: Amend the sourcing guidelines

Proposal 4: Exemptions to the sourcing guidelines

Proposal 5: Official communication method

Proposal 6: Member feedback rather than voting

Proposal 7: “Check” board in-store

Proposal 8: Seasonal Survey

Proposal 9: Clearer labelling and website clearer

Proposal 10: suggestionbox, form online; official E-mail reader, webmaster position

Proposal 11: Greeter as info disperser/gatherer — takes surveys, etc

Volunteer List:

Job description – Sunrise and john will help write job descriptions for in store

Managing surveys -  Karissa writing, Sunrise proofing

3. Farmers Market Summer Plan –  products, farmers mkt manager & banner/signage.

Looking for:


A bilingual back-up manager (volunteer, bank hours)

People who can hu-man the table 2-4 people.

Products we sell

New members can use this as a first shift.

How are we getting the products there.

Do we have to have products there at all – and only do outreach.

3 email signups too little for a 6 hr tabling shift > better outreach/training needed.

→  Cassandra will talk to Jess about outreach.

4. Definition of “financial neutral” and “break even”

Financial committee should define this at the next finance committee meeting within the month.

5. Work shift scheduling 

In store and recurring shifts, talk to managers to use Shiftplanning.

Use google groups, fb group, backup list for non-store one-off shifts.

Discuss with Membership group after meeting about scheduling

6. Floor plan design committee – Leighton and Mark

We need to form a floor plan committee “TEAM”

Shira, Dave, John, Leighton are joining the floor planning committee.  Amanda knows architect members that may want to join.  To exchange emails after meeting.

7. Things to vote on in the general meeting, July 7th

a. low income policy- the vote will be a choice between $0 , $7.50, abstain


COMMITTEE REPORTS (Accomplishments, challenges, Further discussions.)

Membership: Trying to get Foodstamps. waiting on dept on Argicaulture, not current certifications< Orientaion: we need people to lead orientations.

Finance: We really need an accountant! Are you one? do you know anyone?, Amanda will print financial statement for anyone to look at.

Store: Passed agriculture inspection!, Still short on store outs sign up.

Sourcing: Picked up new drink supplier

Facilities: Moved refrigerator, cleaned compressors, Plan to fix Air Conditioner

Outreach: No member signed up to man our table at the AIB community day.

Communications: Potential new co-head!

Technology: POs up and running an linked together.

Governance: Next Governance meeting before the general meeting, scheduled for the 15th.