Holiday Toy Drive!

TOY DRIVE to benefit homeless families in Bushwick, runs all this week at the co-op. Please drop off a gift (for any age group, but preferably for teens) at the co-op (2 Porter Ave. @ the Loom) or make a donation at the link below. Board games, hats, gloves, coats, hair brushes, books, and blankets are all appreciated. Second-hand items also welcome.

Please drop off by December 22nd @ 8 PM

Holiday Toy Drive Paypal Donation


October Summit Meeting


This Sunday!
October Summit Meeting

Sunday, October 20th
2:00 – 5:00pm
@ the Loom (2 Porter Ave)

Collectively explore our past, and create a road map for our future.

The Summit Meeting is an ideation session to define a common vision for the goals in the Bushwick Food Coop, including:

  • What do we want the Coop to look like?  What size do we want the store to be, with what departments?
  • Where do we want to be located?
  • How do we meet resulting Membership and Financial goals?

The Summit is inspiring and fun, with vibrant discussions and focused break-out groups to develop strategies and identify actionable steps.   This gathering will be a great opportunity to discover or propose projects that match your passions and skills and help the Coop grow.

Refreshments and light snacks provided.  Additional contributions ecstatically received.

*Attendance counts toward the work requirement, and toward the new member Orientation requirement.
Don’t need the hours?  Bank them toward future time off!

We encourage as many people to come as can.  The more people in the room, the more our future will be about all of us.

Inspire, energize, create momentum amongst Coop members and wider community.

Volunteer at the event:

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